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Artifacts & Antiquities, 

  • Affordable-Artefacts - Selling a varied selection of genuine ancient artifacts and antiquities.
  • Alex Philips Oceanic Art - Artifacts from Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and Aboriginal Australia.
  • Ancient Art - Ancient art including: Egyptian jewelry, Greek statues, dinosaur eggs, and coin collections from the Middle Ages.
  • Ancient Artifacts and Treasures - Antiquities from around the world, ancient Roman and Greek coins, fossils, rocks, minerals and crystals.
  • Ancient Relics - Antiquities, precolumbian art, Third Reich medals and militaria, documents, manuscripts, ephemera and other historical collectibles.
  • Anthropos Gallery - Specializing in ancient and tribal sculpture from the New as well as the Old World: Pre-Columbian, North American Indian and Eskimo, Egyptian and Mediterranean art.
  • The Antiquities Giftshop - Ancient jewelry, fossils and artifacts from around the world.
  • The Antiquity - Celtic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking antiquities.
  • Antiquity Buy - Unique and unusual gifts from Ireland and beyond.
  • Anubis Ancient Art - Artifacts from the Ancient World.
  • Astarte Gallery - Several pages of Antiquities. Including Beads,ephemera, scarabs,seals, and jewellery
  • Big Sky Enterprises - Indian artifacts both prehistoric and historic of all types and antiquities from around the world.
  • Brightpath ~ Fine Tribal Arts - Collector Quality African, Asian and Pre-Columbian Arts and Antiques.
  • Bruce's Antiquities - Ancient art and antiquities from Egypt, Greece, Precolumbia, and Rome.
  • Collectibles-Artifacts - Historial artifacts, archeological, figurines, sculptures, Copan Ruins, and Arabic heirlooms.
  • Dirk Kennis Works of Art - Belgian dealer in medieval and renaissance works of art and artifacts, also pre-medieval classical and Celtic antiquities.
  • Gaukler Medieval Wares - Jewelry in ancient and medieval styles, as well as ancient and medieval antiquities.
  • Geology Net - Hundreds of rock and mineral specimens, dinosaur bones, coprolite, trilobites, petrified wood, displays and accessories.
  • Guy Clark's Ancient Coins and Antiquities - Ancient coins and artifacts for sale by collector.
  • Haig Galleries - Specializing in Ancient, Asian and Tribal antiques, from Chinese Court Robes and Rank Badges to Pre-Columbian vessels and Indonesian weapons.
  • Historical Research & Development, Inc. - Treasure coins, artifacts, books, maps, and videos for sale.
  • History For Sale - Artefacts and antiquities for sale from a variety of ages including stone, bronze, celtic, roman, saxon, viking, medieval, and tudor.
  • Investment Collectables - Archaeological artifacts specialising in the British Lower Palaeolithic and related antiquarian books, monographs and papers.
  • Lance Chaplin - Ancient and Medieval Coins and Antiquities - UK dealer of Roman, Greek, Celtic, and English coins. Roman, Saxon, Medieval artifacts and fossils.
  • River Niger Trading Company - African art, african craft, african music, african clothing, african collectibles, and more from the River Niger area of West Africa.
  • Talbot's Medieval Antiquities - Authentic medieval antiquities for sale from Talbot's Fine Accessories, focussing on artifacts from England and Germany.
  • The Theatre of Memory - Offers a collection of historical documents, artifacts, fossils, meteorites, and artwork.
  • Traces from the Past - Ancient artifacts, coins, antiques and collectibles from the Bronze Age, Celtic, Roman and Medieval to the 20th century.
  • World Artifacts - A dealer in fine ancient art and artifacts. We specialize in ancient China, but also have a selection of ancient Egyptian, and Asian.